Turkish Coffee

Name: Turkish Coffee

Coffee Type: Coarse Ground

Has Milk: No

Brew Device: Turkish Coffee Pot

Sweetened: No

Country of Origin: TUR

Temperature: 185 F

Description: Beans for Turkish coffee are ground or pounded to the finest possible powder, finer than for any other way of preparation. Preparation of Turkish coffee consists of immersing the coffee grounds in hot (but not continuously boiling) water for long enough to dissolve the flavorsome compounds. While prolonged boiling of coffee gives it an unpleasant "cooked" or "burnt" taste, very brief boiling does not, and bringing it to the boil shows without guesswork that it has reached the appropriate temperature. In The Mideast, four degrees of sweetness are used. The coffee and the desired amount of sugar are stirred until all coffee sinks and the sugar is dissolved. Following this, the spoon is removed and the pot is put on moderate heat; if too high, the coffee comes to the boil too quickly, without time to extract the flavour. No stirring is done beyond this point, as it would dissolve the foam. Just as the coffee comes to the boil the pot is removed from the heat. It is usually kept off the heat for a short time, then brought to the boil a second and a third time, then the coffee is poured into the cups.

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