Caffè Americano

Name: Caffè Americano

Coffee Type: Coarse Ground

Has Milk: Optional

Brew Device: Espresso Makers

Sweetened: No

Country of Origin: ITA

Temperature: 180 F

Description: Caffè Americano or simply Americano (the name is also spelled with varying capitalization and use of diacritics: e.g. Café Americano, Cafe Americano, etc.) is a style of coffee prepared by adding hot water to espresso, giving a similar strength to but different flavor from regular drip coffee. The drink consists of a single or double-shot of espresso combined with between 1 and 16 fluid ounces (30 - 470ml) of hot water. The strength of an Americano varies with the number of shots of espresso added. In the United States, "Americano" is used broadly to mean combining hot water and espresso in either order.

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